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    Design of Wireless Data Monitoring System Based on Single Chip and Kingview
    ZHANG Xue-wei, ZHANG Ce, CHEN Jin-yang
    Computer and Modernization    DOI: 10.3969/j.issn.1006-2475.2013.12.049
    An Optimized Data Mining Algorithm Based on Apriori Algorithm
    CHEN Zhi-fei, FENG Jun
    Computer and Modernization    DOI: 10.3969/j.issn.1006-2475.2016.09.001
    Two-way Security Authentication RFID Protocol Based on Random Hash Chain
    ZHOU Jing , , DONG Guo-chao , , DENG Zu-qiang , , ZHANG Jin-luan , , LIU Chao , , NIU Yong-liang
    Computer and Modernization    2021, 0 (03): 46-50.  
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    Radio Frequency IDentification (RFID) technology is widely used in the field of Internet of Things. But the RFID system is easy to be stolen and forged during the information transmission process, RFID system has exposed serious security problems. Aiming at the problem of counterfeit attacks in the current mainstream Hash chain protocol cluster, a two-way security authentication protocol based on random Hash chain is proposed. In the process of mutual authentication, the reader verifies the validity of the response message by identifying the value of the random number K, the tag detects the legitimacy of the reader by detecting the tag attributes of the returned message, the reader prevents the label from being counterfeited by detecting the preset identity of the label and ensure the authenticity of data in the system. It can effectively improve the systems forward security, anti-counterfeiting and anti-location tracking and other security features. Finally, this paper uses BAN logic to perform security verification on the proposed protocol, the experimental results show that there is the security of mutual authentication between the tag and the reader.
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    Classification of Motor EEG Signals Based on PCA and PSO-SVM
    HUANG Xu-bin, LIANG Shu-jie
    Computer and Modernization    2021, 0 (03): 70-76.  
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    The feature extraction, classification and recognition of electroencephalogram signals of motor imagination are the difficult problems faced by the current Brain Computer Interface (BCI) technology. Aiming at this problem, this paper proposes a classification method of motor imaging EEG signals combining Principal Component Analysis (PCA) and Particle Swarm Optimization optimized-Support Vector Machine (PSO-SVM). Firstly, PCA is used to reduce the dimension of the collected high-dimensional electroencephalogram signal, eliminating the noise components and extracting the feature vectors reflecting the different characteristics of three-dimensional EEG signals. Then SVM is used to classify the feature vectors. In view of the problem that the SVM classification performance is greatly affected by the kernel parameters, the global optimization ability of PSO algorithm is used to optimize the SVM classification performance so as to improve the SVM classification performance. Finally, the Graz data used in the BCI competition is used for experiments. The results show that the proposed PCA fusion PSO-SVM method can obtain 95.3% classification performance, and has a high application prospect.
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    AC-Rec: Academic Collaborators Recommendation Method Based on Multi-features
    SHAO Meng-qiao, JI Shun-hui, ZHANG Peng-cheng
    Computer and Modernization    2021, 0 (03): 94-100.  
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    The rapid increase in the number of researchers on social network platform makes it very difficult to find academic collaborators with similar interests. This paper proposes a recommendation method for academic collaborators based on multi-features under ResearchGate platform. This method combines the three features of paper text similarity, social relevance and self-activity to measure the relationship, and uses the multi-layer perception mechanism to build a recommendation model for top-N recommendation. The text similarity is calculated by the Doc2Vec text depth representation model, and the social relevance is calculated by graph-based random walk algorithm. The experimental results show that AC-Rec is better than the existing academic collaborators recommendation methods based on ResearchGate platform. When N is 30, the hit rate reaches 53.90%, which can effectively recommend potential academic collaborators.
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    Moving Target Tracking Based on Improved Optical Flow Characteristics
    LIU Hong-fei, YANG Yao-quan, YANG Yu-hang
    Computer and Modernization    2021, 0 (03): 115-121.  
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    In the city intelligent video monitoring, it is necessary to track the moving object in real time. Aiming at the problems of the traditional moving object detection, for example, the target is easy to lose, low tracking rate and poor real-time performance, a moving object tracking detection method based on the improved optical flow characteristics is proposed to track the moving pedestrian object. Firstly, the improved Vibe moving background modeling method is used to detect the moving pedestrian in the video. Then the Shi-Tomasi corner detection and LK optical flow method are combined. The corner detection results are integrated into LK optical flow method, and the moving optical flow features of the detected corner points are extracted. Finally, Kalman filter is used to predict and track the pedestrians, and the Hungarian optimal matching algorithm is used to achieve continuous matching of moving objects and tracking of moving objects. The simulation results show that the proposed method can detect and track the moving objects in the video, and it has better recognition effect, and the detection efficiency is improved.
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    Breast Mass Recognition Based on Texture Features in Ultrasound Images
    LI Zi-long, LYU Yong, TAN Guo-ping, YAN Qin,
    Computer and Modernization    2021, 0 (02): 1-6.  
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    Aiming at the breast ultrasound image, a method of breast mass recognition based on  texture feature extraction is proposed, which is helpful to use computer-aided identification method to judge whether breast mass is cancerous or not, and assist radiologists to predict the nature of images. Firstly, the max-response filter is applied to the breast ultrasound image to remove the main noise interference while ensuring the integrity of a certain edge tissue structure. On this basis, the first-order and second-order texture features of breast images are extracted, and then the features are identified and classified by artificial neural network. The accuracy of the method is verified on the real data set obtained from a hospital and the proposed method is compared with other methods from three aspects: preprocessing, feature extraction and classification. The results show that the proposed method improves the recognition rate of breast masses on the basis of reducing the complexity of the algorithm.
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    Pulmonary Nodule Aided Diagnosis System Based on Target Detection Algorithm
    XI Xiao-qian, LIU Wei
    Computer and Modernization    2020, 0 (11): 1-7.  
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    According to statistics, lung cancer is one of the diseases with the highest morbidity and mortality rate in the world. With the maturity of computer-aided diagnosis (CAD) and convolutional neural networks (CNN), the diagnosis and treatment in medical field are becoming more and more intelligent. In this paper, an automatic detection method of lung nodules based on target detection algorithm is presented, and a set of image processing flow of CT of lung parenchyma is presented, which combines threshold segmentation algorithm with digital morphological processing. After training and learning 1186 lung nodules in LUNA16 data set, we observe the evaluation results of YOLO V3 model in the data set to verify the model. The accuracy of the experimental results is 92.18%, the average detection time of each image is 0.035 seconds. In order to verify the validity of YOLO V3 model, this paper compares it with existing algorithms such as SSD, CNN, U-Net and so on. At the same time, this paper designs an auxiliary diagnosis system of pulmonary nodules based on CAD technology, realizes the human-computer interaction, and provides a simple and clear auxiliary diagnosis tool for doctors.
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    Research on Time-cost Trade-off of Project Portfolio Based on Improved Ant Colony Algorithm
    BAI Li-biao;BAI Si-jun;GUO Yun-tao
    Computer and Modernization    2012, 203 (7): 9-13.   DOI: 10.3969/j.issn.1006-2475.2012.07.003
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    The time-cost trade-off based on the strategic orientation is one of the most crucial aspects of enterprise project portfolio planning that plays a key role in enterprise resources benefit maximization, which in fact is a multi-objective optimization problem. A new evolutionary algorithm-ant colony optimization (ACO) algorithm is employed to solve the time-cost trade-off problem. According to the ant colony algorithm existing precocious, stagnation, local optimal shortcomings, adopting certainty and uncertainty search rules and combining with chaos, an improved ant colony algorithm is proposed. Experimental results indicate that join chaos and search rules, the developed ACO can effectively improve global optimization ability, can draw better results in solving time-cost trade-off of project portfolio.
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    An Algorithm of Rapid Collision Detection Based on Octree and Pipeline
    LI Shan;ZHAO Wei;LI Fei
    Computer and Modernization    2011, 1 (1): 20-5.   DOI: 10.3969/j.issn.1006-2475.2011.01.006
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    In view of that virtual environment, where there are massive moving objects, a parallel collision detection algorithm based on octree space division and pipeline is presented. The virtual environment is divided into a series of subspaces by octree division. Then it carries on the collision detection between the nodes in the same subspace. The bounding volumes trees are established for every object in the same subspace. The task trees are established by traversing the bounding trees. The tasks are assigned different processors to deal with. Pipelining and multithreads are adopted, parallel collision detection is realized. Experiment results show that comparing with conventional collision detection based on octree, the efficiency of the algorithm is greatly improved.

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    A Modified Algorithm for Extracting Isoline Based on Interval Tree
    DU Wei;;CHEN Xue-gong
    Computer and Modernization    2011, 1 (1): 39-3.   DOI: 10.3969/j.issn.1006-2475.2011.01.011
    Abstract903)            Save

    The isoline extracted from DEM is one of the basic functions of computer mapping and geographic information system. This paper proposes an isoline extraction method based on interval tree from DEM. This paper references the algorithm of inserting elements in balance binary sort tree to create interval tree’s nodes; when searching the grids the contour line passed, it just sorts those grids which are belonged to the nodes the search path passed, avoids sort all grids in the interval tree, and reduces the search time. Experimental results show that the algorithm has an advantage in time than the older algorithm.

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    Alarming Deluge Down Arithmetic Model Research
    GUO Liang
    Computer and Modernization    2011, 1 (1): 29-3.   DOI: 10.3969/j.issn.1006-2475.2011.01.008
    Abstract1362)            Save

    In order to solve the high rate of wrong alarming in IDS, the paper designs an alarming control model by analyzing alarming information. This model which using human olfaction passivation aims at the sustaining high frequency noaction alarming information to reduce rate of noaction alarming in IDS, achieves the low wrong alarming of IDS, and makes it convenient to administrators.

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    Report Printing Technology Based on iTextSharp
    HU Yang;ZOU Hai
    Computer and Modernization    2011, 1 (1): 60-3.   DOI: 10.3969/j.issn.1006-2475.2011.01.017
    Abstract862)            Save
    The report output is an important part of the variety of software applications, this paper resolves a technical difficulty to print a personalized report in the form of *.pdf based on iTextSharp.
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    Research and Discussion on S.L.Peng’s Adaptive Signal Decomposition
    LIU Xin;SU Ta-shan
    Computer and Modernization    2011, 1 (1): 32-4.   DOI: 10.3969/j.issn.1006-2475.2011.01.009
    Abstract848)            Save

    This paper introduces S.L.Peng’s adaptive signal decomposition based on instantaneous frequency and local narrow band signals, and then analyzes two types of local narrow band signal decomposition method. This algorithm selects local narrow band signals as the base signal, and extracts local narrow band signals from the null space of a singular local linear operator, so as to achieve the adaptive signal decomposition. By comparing with the Matching Pursuit (MP) method, it gives their internal relations.

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    Program Implementation and Analysis on an Improved Dijkstra Algorithm
    HAO Chun-mei
    Computer and Modernization    2011, 1 (1): 36-3.   DOI: 10.3969/j.issn.1006-2475.2011.01.010
    Abstract1060)            Save

    Dijkstra algorithm is an algorithm for solving singlesource shortestpaths of directed graph.This paper analyzes classical Dijkstra algorithm and puts forward an improved algorithm. By theoretical analysis, the improved algorithm can improve efficiency of directed sparse graph.

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    An Improved Genetic Algorithm Based on Structure of Cobweb
    ZHONG Yu-nan
    Computer and Modernization    2011, 1 (1): 42-3.   DOI: 10.3969/j.issn.1006-2475.2011.01.012
    Abstract857)            Save

    An improved Genetic Algorithm model is described based on the structure of cobweb. To abate the disadvantage related to the fitness of genetic algorithm, the improved genetic algorithm model is combined with several optimal methods brought from the study concerning the structure of cobweb. The improved genetic algorithm model improves the initialization and fitness assessment successfully. By the comparison between two results conducted by the improved genetic algorithm model and the standard model SGA respectively, the accessibility of the new genetic algorithm model is verified. 

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    Multiple Audio Watermarking Algorithm Based on LabeledVQ
    LIU Ji-xin
    Computer and Modernization    2011, 1 (1): 45-4.   DOI: 10.3969/j.issn.1006-2475.2011.01.013
    Abstract774)            Save

    A novel multiple audio watermarking algorithm based on vector quantization technique and DCT transformation is proposed. To accomplish the purpose of copyright protection and content integrity authentication at the same time, the robust and fragile watermarks are both embedded into the carrier audio signal. The robust watermark is embedded into the middle frequency coefficients of DCT during the codeword labeled vector quantization process, and the fragile watermark is embedded into the high frequency DCT coefficients by using the index constrained method. Blind extraction can be achieved both for the robust and fragile watermarks. The simulation results indicate that the induced distortion by watermark embedding is small, and the robust watermark can resist to most of the common attacks. At the same time, the fragile watermark can accomplish the effective location to the random substitute falsify.

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    Parallel Differential Evolution Algorithm
    ONG Ting-ting;ZHU Yong-zhi
    Computer and Modernization    2011, 1 (1): 49-3.   DOI: 10.3969/j.issn.1006-2475.2011.01.014
    Abstract906)            Save

    Parallel processing has become a key technology in modern computing technology. In recent years, the development of software leads to a collection of heterogeneous computers to use parallel computing resources. This paper explores how works of the structure in the ring network topology parallel differential evolution algorithm to improve the method’s speed and performance. The results show that the exchange of information subpopulations in the range assigned to different nodes of the performance of the algorithm has a significant impact. In addition, not all of the mutations differential evolution strategies are equally sensitive to this parameter.

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    Web Application Research Based on WCF Services Framework and Silverlight
    TAN Qi
    Computer and Modernization    2011, 1 (1): 79-3.   DOI: 10.3969/j.issn.1006-2475.2011.01.023
    Abstract904)            Save

    For traditional B/S Web application’s poor interaction ability, low reuse degrees, display ability to unsatisfactory and many other issues, WCF service framework and Silverlight technology are combined together in order to solve the problems mentioned above. This solution makes full use of WCF integration itself with a variety of distributed technologies, and increases reuse levels to businesslevel serviceoriented programming capabilities. Finally Silverlight completes the frontend exhibit. And then discusses and implements an integrated framework for actual development.

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    Prioritybased Combination Mapping Method
    GONG Shu;YAN Yingzhan;HU Wenhua;GAO Wei 
    Computer and Modernization    2010, 1 (12): 33-35.  
    Abstract825)            Save
    Using a combination mapping method for reference, a mapping method that can compute the priorities (such as the semblance computation of name, attribute, case and structure) in the light of its region and the semblance is brought out in the thesis. Using this method, the priorities that are provided by the region expert in different region can be mapped, and its compute outcomes can be built. The computation amount and time are greatly reduced.
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    Active Shape Models and Integration Projection in Eye Locating
    SHEN Wenzhong;NIU Haifeng;ZHANG Zhongfen;MA Yue 
    Computer and Modernization    2009, 1 (6): 91-93,1.  
    Abstract1035)            Save
    Extracting the feature points of eyes fastly and accurately is an important step of monitoring the drivers’ driving states and proposing warning using vision methods. This paper uses Active Shape Models to obtain interested areas for distilling features of eyes, and then extracts the feature points of eyes based on skin color segmentation to this area. The results of experiments which indicate this method has good reliability and timeliness establish good basis for researching driver fatigue detection.
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